For 30 years, Levine has composed pop, jazz, choral, and 20th century music winning numerous awards, publishing cntracts and commissions. He is currently devoting his time exclusively to musical theater where he can exploit his broad musical background. In 2010, Levine finished the ANMT Core Curriculum with John Sparks, Elise Dewsberry and Scott Guy. He is currently working on a full-length musical with lyricist Richard Castle and bookwriter Adrian Bewley.

Brief Bio: B.M. in music composition from the University of Houston. First place award for string quartet, The Prophet of Shiraz. Seven Songwriting awards including a grand prize for A Home That Forever Will Stand. Collaborated with three Grammy award-winning writers (Amanda McBroom, Alan O'Day, K.C. Porter) and one Tony award-winning writer, Leslie Bricusse. Pop, jazz, and choral music published. Member of BMI. Levine resides in Studio City.


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From the play DOUBT, write a duet featuring Sister James and Sister Aloysius arguing over the guilt or innocence of Father Flynn. Lyric by Richard Castle.
From the play PROOF, write a complaint song that Catherine sings following her father's death during a visit from grad student Hal. Lyric by Richard Hefner.
From the play ANNA IN THE TROPICS, write an ensemble piece. Lyric by Karrie Vach and Joan Enguita.
From the play THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED, write an ensemble piece for the last scene of the play. Lyric by Ron Ovadia.
Write a song to end a play about environmental consciousness to be performed by Northpark Elementary's third grade class at College of the Canyons. Lyric by Matthew Levine.
Write a wacky song about psychotherapy gone awry and then redeemed unexpectedly. Lyric by Matthew Levine.
Create a 15-minute musical in one week with two weeks for revisions using these prompts: The words "For richer, for poorer" must be included in dialog or lyric, the sense of smell must be a feature, and relocation must in some way be figured into the plot. The result: Hansel and Gretel, now adults Hank and Greta, have been brought unknowingly to the witch's house by a real estate agent in Witch Is It? Book by Maureen Borillo; Lyric by Richard Castle.

This House Was Made For You

From What I Remember - Witch's Curse

Tell Me Why - Ending

ANMT in N. Hollywood and MERCURY PRODUCTIONS in London are collaborating on an olympic musical review to debut at the 2012 Olympics in London. Richard Castle and I were asked to write a song based on a scene by bookwriter, Scott Guy. Here, while Karyn Osterhagen receives her gold medal for the Kayak event, she hears voices, one of which is from her dead grandfather who flew for the Nazis and bombed the very grounds where these olympics are being held.

All I Want